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Dayton, KY, where's that?

It's an awesome river community just across the river and 2 miles east of downtown Cincinnati with fabulous spots for food and drinks. We can see the Great American Building from our door step! After visiting Galactic check out our friends at Los Postros, Tuba Baking Co., Restaurante Domingo, AA Wok, Unataza Coffee, Hometown Heroes Bar and Grill, Flynn's Rose Room Bar, Tony's Ole Saloon, and Riverside Marina! It's a special community and we're proud to call it our home for our life and business.

I have Celiac, is it safe to eat at Galactic?

We're not a certified Gluten Free facility, but our batter is made from rice flour, potato starch, herbs, and spices. You'll need to avoid the Texas Toast, Sandwich, and Wrap. We isolate those items and take great care to avoid any cross contamination. Nothing with wheat has ever been in our fryers. If you have a parts/billion tester I can't guarantee it will read free and clear, but I can assure you my mother who has Celiac eats here regularly without issue. We take great pride in giving the GF community a safe place to eat.   

What type of Oil do you use?

We use Soybean Oil whenever possible. Supply chain issues may result in the use of a Soybean/Canola Blend. We do not use any Nut Oils in our facility.

Is the Chicken Dairy Free?

Yes. We brine our chicken in a simple water, salt, and sugar solution.

Are the Sauces Gluten Free?


Are the Sauces Dairy Free?

All the sauces are dairy free except the Ranch.

Are the Sauces Egg Free?

No, they are all Mayo based. Egg Free Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce are available.

Is the Slaw Dairy and/or Egg Free?

The Slaw IS Dairy Free, but NOT Egg Free. It is a Mayonnaise base.

What's the Galactic Sauce?

Our signature sauce is a chipotle honey mustard sauce we make in house. It has a slow burn, but isn't crazy hot. 

Is the Spice Rub Hot?

The Spice Rub is more flavorful than Hot. It can be added to anything.

What Vegetarian Options are available?

We have Jackfruit Nuggets, Fried Pickles, Fries, and the House Salad. The Deviled Eggs are also Veggie Friendly depending on your degree of Vegginess. Kathy, the co-owner, is vegetarian.

How Long Does it Take?

This depends on a few factors. We cook everything to order and generally the orders take 10 to 25 minutes depending on what you order. The breast takes 20 minutes. Our store can get very busy, very quickly so please sit back, relax, have a drink, have fun while we get your order ready! A lot of people call ahead or order online for pick up.

Do we Deliver?

We do deliver! To reduce costs for you and Galactic we've contracted through Uber Eats. Simply order from the Delivery Tab on our website. An UberEats Account is required.

Do you take Reservations?

We're a first come first serve business, but we recommend giving us a heads up for parties of 6 or more so we can save a table for you. 

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